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Boston Bruins Continue to Struggle to Score Goals

February 14th, 2013 at 3:46 PM
By Tim ODonnell

On Tuesday night, the Bruins came back from a 3-0 deficit against the New York Rangers with three consecutive goals in the third period. But that brought up the question: where has this been all season. The Bruins have the talent to score goals and score them quickly but they haven't.

It's been this way since Claude Julien and his defense first system took over. But this year there was hope that the Bruins would actually start to score. That hasn't been the case. They've scored more than three goals in just two games and are averaging 2.73 goals a game, 13th in the NHL.

"We've had a lot more chances to score. We just have to bear down more and those chances," Johnny Boychuk said. 'We could probably have 10, 15 more goals if we'd done that and the goal differential would be a lot different."

The Bruins are currently just a +7 in goal differential.

While the Bruins expect everyone to contribute offensively, they were expecting more from Tyler Seguin. But those expectations haven't panned out. Seguin has just two goals and six points, not the numbers that many fans were expecting from him after he had 40 points in 29 games in Switzerland during the lockout.

"With a little bit of luck, or some would say a little more determination around the net, he'd have half a dozen goals right now," Andy Brickley said.

There has been times when it has looked like Seguin could finally be turning corner but every time it never lasts for more than a game. The Bruins need Seguin to figure out why he isn't scoring soon. He has the skills and talent to be a top scorer in the NHL and the Bruins need him to show that.

"I know eventually a couple will go in and I'll go on a roll," Seguin said. "I just need to stay with it and bear down."

But Seguin isn't the only one who hasn't been able to score. The third line has struggle to start the season. Chris Kelly, Rich Peverley, and Chris Bourque have scored just two goals combined.

"There's still some guys that aren't at the peak of their game yet," Julien said.

Julien might as well have been looking straight at the third line when he said that. They were a mess to start the season, but they have shown signs of life in recent games. The puck just needs to start going into the back of the net for these three. Whether it's finding a new left wing and replacing Bourque or just extra practice, this Bruins need some scoring to come this three.

Along with getting certain players on track, the Bruins need to start converting on the power play, or the "powerless" play as it has been called. Only the Rangers and Colorado Avalanche have a worse power play percentage than the Bruins 9.3 percent.

"They have the ability, talent and options to have a good power play," Brickley said. "We can talk all the X's and O's you want … but it really comes down to one thing, and that's work ethic and the desire … and the will to want to score goals. And I truly believe that that's the only element missing right now from this team."

There have been moments where the power play has looked good but just hasn't converted. If they can convert a couple times soon, the confidence will come back and the power play will begin to click. That goes for the whole team. Get the confidence up in the goal scorers and the goals will come. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

"We just got to get our minds in the right places and the pucks will start to come in," Peter Chiarelli said.

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