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Patrice Bergeron Returning to North America After Spengler Cup

December 23rd, 2012 at 11:52 AM
By Tim ODonnell


'2010-03-18 Patrice Bergeron' photo (c) 2010, Dan4th Nicholas - license:
 HC Lugano has announced the Patrice Bergeron is not returning to the team after the Spengler Cup. The Spengler Cup will take place Dec. 26-31 in Davos, Switzerland. Bergeron will be skating for Team Canada during the six team tournament.

At the end of the tournament Bergeron is expected to return to Quebec in hopes of the NHL season starting in January.

"At the end of Christmas festival in Davos, the 27-year old Canadian striker will return (to) Quebec, having an inner conviction that the NHL season will begin in January 2013 and in this sense wishing to prepare in the best way in the field of view training with the Boston Bruins," said a statement from HC Lugano.

If the entire NHL season is canceled, Bergeron has the option if returning to HC Lugano.

Bergeron's anticipated return comes just a day after Don Cherry tweeted "Look to the middle of January for the game to return!" Cherry's tweet with Bergeron's return means there could be some hope to a NHL season but we've seen hopes rise before during this lockout.

Cherry added that the two sides will go until the absolute last minute before making a deal.

'They will go to the brink and then settle," Cherry said. 'No body in their right mind would kill the goose that lays these golden eggs."

We'll just have to wait and see if Cherry's reports are true.

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