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Peter Chiarelli Believes a Season Could Still Happen

December 22nd, 2012 at 1:53 PM
By Tim ODonnell

While many hockey fans are losing hope, if they haven't lost it already, of a NHL season happening this year, Boston Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli still has hope.

"I think there still will be a deal," Chiarelli told radio. "I feel confident. I know we've had the ups and downs over the last four months, and believe me, I've lived them to the highest and the lowest. Every time you think there's a deal coming around the corner, there's not. But I do firmly believe there will be a deal."

The NHL and NHLPA haven't met since Dec. 13 and doubt about the two sides striking a deal is high. But not with Chiarelli.

"I think both parties are rational enough, despite what you read and hear," Chiarelli said. "I think they're rational enough and they've done deals before and at the end of the day it's in the best interest of the league and the players to have a deal."

And Chiarelli can see where the fans frustrations are coming from.

"Part of my business, part of my skill set, is to make deals, so you hear, you see what either side is proposing and you're like, 'Why can't there be a deal?'" Chiarelli said. 'it's so easy. Saw it down the middle, a little to the left, a little to the right."

This process is especially frustrating for Chiarelli and Bruins fans, having won the Stanley Cup just one year ago and still have the majority of that team intact.

"We've got a good team and we've got some momentum and we've got our guys coming into their own, and this after having won a year ago, so it's a real frustrating exercise," Chiarelli said.

The "guys coming into their own" include Tyler Seguin, Brad Marchard, and Milan Lucic, who all signed contract extensions before the lockout. Seguin, in particular, is coming off a breakout sophomore season, leading the team in goals (29) and points (67). He is now dominating for HC Biel in the Swiss League to the tune of 24 goals and 38 points in just 28 games.

Bruins fans want to see Seguin piling up the points in the Black and Gold, not in Switzerland. It's time the lockout ended and get the player back on the ice.

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