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NHL Cancels Games Through December 30

December 10th, 2012 at 4:18 PM
By Tim ODonnell

The NHL announced the cancelation of all games through Dec. 30 today. This brings the total number of games lost to the lockout to 526, nearly 43 percent of the regular season.

It looked as through a new CBA could have been reached last week, but talks fell apart late Thursday.

"With what is on the table, with what has been offered, I do not understand for the life of me why we are not playing hockey right now," NHLPA special assistant Mathieu Schneider told The Fourth Period.

Talks could resume this week NHL deputy commissioners Bill Daly said in an email to the Associated Press. A new CBA would have to be signed soon if the NHL is to complete a 48 game schedule at the minimum, like the 1994-1995 season.

"I was a player when we played that 48 games and it was like a sprint towards the playoffs," Bruins president Cam Neely told's Joe McDonald. "I don't know how many games if we do end up playing how many we'll be able to get into the schedule, but it'll be a sprint to the playoffs and everybody will know that. It's just a matter of what kind of condition the players going to be in because it's going to start off fast and furious."

Even with the prolonged lockout, Neely and Bruins coach Claude Julien remains optimistic.

"I'm cautiously optimistic because the one thing I do know it's more complicated than a lot of people think it is and at one point we have to make sure we get this done right once and for all, so we don't have this work stoppage every so many years. You want to do it right and hopefully that's what happens here," Julien told's Joe McDonald.

"I've been half full this whole way, so I'm staying half full," Neely told McDonald. "It's frustrating. A lot of people thought we'd be playing by now, but I still feel optimistic that something will get done. At least that's my hope."



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