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NHL Getting Annoyed with NHLPA After Attempts to Negotiate were Reportedly Rebuked

November 15th, 2012 at 10:16 PM
By Tim ODonnell

It's becoming very clear that the lockout is not going to be ending anytime soon. And recent comments by NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly continue to add this.

"We have made numerous moves in the Players' direction with absolutely no reciprocation," Daly said according to Darren Dreger's Twitter. "Unfortunately, we have determined we are involved with Union leadership that has no genuine interest in reaching an agreement."

It's clear that the NHL and the owners are getting frustrated with the NHLPA's lack of negotiating, This may be a tactic by the NHLPA to get the owners to back down on a few of their demands. If it is. it appears to be working as the NHL and the owners are getting increasingly frustrated.

"I'm more discouraged now than I have been at any point in the process," Daly told Chris Johnston of the Winnipeg Free Press.

And this frustration has led to reports of Gary Bettman suggesting that the two sides should take a two week break from negotiations. But all of this comes just a few days after NHLPA special counsel suggested that a deal could be reached quickly once the two sides started to negotiate again.

"One thing Bill Daly and I agree upon is that when the moment is right the deal could be done very quickly," Fehr said at the time. "One days, three days or whatever."

With all games through November canceled, the next cancelation of games could cancel games through December. 

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