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Gregory Campbell Exploring Playing in Czech Republic

November 8th, 2012 at 2:21 PM
By Tim ODonnell

Gregory Campbell could become the eleventh member of the Boston Bruins to sign overseas during the lockout.  Campbell is looking at the possibility of joining Andrew Ference on HC Budejovice.

"I try and look for things to do, things that I've always wanted to do, to pursue those things. But I'm a hockey player. I want to get back to playing," Campbell told the Boston Globe's Fluto Shinzawa.

 'Gregory Campbell' photo (c) 2010, Dan4th Nicholas - license: With the lockout still ongoing the only way for Campbell to play is to go overseas. But the other reason Campbell has decided to explore going to the Czech Republic is because playing in games will put him in better shape for if or when the lockout ends.

If you ask an injured player during the season, they can work out as hard as they want. They can get bag-skated as hard as they want by a coach," Campbell told Shinzawa. "But unless you're actually thrown into a games, you're never in game shape."

And with the cautious optimism surrounding the recent meetings between the NHL and NHLPA, Campbell may be getting ready if the lockout ends. The shortened training camp if the lockout ends will mean that there will be less time for players to get into game shape.

"We won't have much time when this thing gets settled to prepare for the regular season," coach Claude Julie told Shinzawa. "We're going to have two different groups here: one that's been playing, and the group that hasn't played. We're going to have a gap there."

The Bruins may be lucky in that sense with 10 players currently overseas and in game shape. If Campbell joins his teammates over season, the Bruins will have the most players playing overseas.


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